A Love Letter to Hoodies

A Love Letter to Hoodies

I only wear hoodies. Black hoodies, white hoodies, purple hoodies, it doesn't matter. When I was growing up, I wore hoodies to be comfortable. But now, at 20-years-old, hoodies mean more than just being comfortable in my bed watching Netflix. Now, they mean love and acceptance for who I am and how I feel most confident. They are a tool I use to embrace my own form of self-expression. When wearing a hoodie, I feel like the most authentic version of myself.

Here are five reasons why. 

1) They bring me confidence. Everyone has one article of clothing that brings out their confidence. For some people it might be high heels, for others it might be a tuxedo, but for me it's that over-washed, wrinkled, washed out grey hoodie that is shoved in the back of my closet. 

2) They feel like a hug.
Unfortunately, I live far away from my grandparents. Growing up, I only got to see them once or twice a year. To me, wearing a hoodie feels like I am getting hugged by one of them from 400 miles away.

3) They provide coziness and warmth.
This seems rather obvious if you have ever worn a sweatshirt before. Once you pop it on, you just can't help letting out a sigh of relief.

4) They are straightforward.
The most practical reason for wearing a hoodie is because it looks how it looks. I never have to worry about seeing a sweatshirt online and worrying that it may look different on me when it arrives at my house. A sweatshirt is a worry-free article of clothing, and with all the worry in my life, I strive for that. 

5) They create a sense of belonging.
Do you remember when you went on college tours? I remember going on college tours and walking into their campus bookstore and begging my parents to buy me a sweatshirt from that college or university. Hoodies are one of those nostalgic articles of clothing. One that represents a brand, experience, or moment that shaped your life for the better.