slow fashion

One of our founder's top priorities is to minimize harm on others and the environment, so when bubuleh was born, it was paramount that the brand keep these values front-and-center.

Here are several ways in which we do that.

Responsible Production

bubuleh produces the majority of our clothing by hand in London, where we’ve found a production partner whose mission is “to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness of our customers.”

This is possible through: 

1) Only producing clothing when it’s ordered, rather than producing clothing and inventory that will go to waste.

2) Producing all clothing in one eco-friendly facility, which uses no gas and helps to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing shipping needs.

3) Using water-free manufacturing and printing processes, as well as natural inks.

4) Using FSC-certified materials that meet a high standard for environmental sustainability, fabrics made from 100% vegan and natural materials, as well as fabrics that are recycled and purchased locally.

5) Providing all scrap fabric to individuals, like crafters, rather than sending it to landfill.

6) Providing all employees with fair wages and safe working conditions, and of course, never going near a sweatshop.


Fashion is one of the most wasteful industries in the world, with major brands and designers throwing away mountains worth of fantastic fabric and clothing every  day. Fortunately, there are ways to reuse this fabric. 

We upcycle, in part, through:

1) Purchasing fabric through Fabscrap, which is a company based in NYC that collects fabrics and scraps everyday from top designers and brands around the city, which diverts these high-end materials from landfills.

2) Thrifting! Thrift stores are an incredible way to find clothing and fabric, especially for a brand like ours that loves retro and vintage designs! 


In our packaging, we use upcycled or, at the very least, recyclable materials, and avoid single-use plastic.