Slow fashion

bubuleh founder and CEO Jordan Star taking a selfie with a team of 5 women in a clothing factory in Los Angeles.

We are proud to be the opposite of a fast fashion brand.

As you may know, fashion brands are often hugely harmful to the environment, animals, and workers. Not good. When we launched bubuleh, we made an unequivocal decision that we wouldn't start the brand if we couldn't figure out a way to produce our clothing in a way that's aligned with our values. 

bubuleh is so much about bringing positivity into the world, and if making our clothing was to hurt anyone in the process, it would be completely antithetical to our mission. We take this very seriously.

Though it often adds extra layers of complications and additional costs, we are committed to producing clothing that we are proud of making, and that you are proud of wearing.

Here are some of the ways in which we incorporate sustainability into everything that we do. 


By designing comfortable and stylish pieces that are timeless rather than dependent on seasonal trends, along with using only the highest quality materials produced with expert craftsmanship, you can wear and enjoy our unique pieces for years, diverting clothing from landfill and empowering you to buy less.

In terms of materials, we focus on using luxury fabrics that are heavy, comfortable, and made with GOTS-certified cotton or SUPIMA cotton - two of the best kinds of cotton in the world. 

For example, our handcrafted heirloom hoodies use long-strain organic cotton that actually gets softer with each wear. The cotton is more durable than regular cotton, and we’ve intentionally designed the colors and fit to look great with normal signs of wear for a vintage look. 

The combination of these practices gives you the best bang for your buck, since you won’t have to replace these clothes for years to come. 


We are a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand, which means that we use no animal products or byproducts in our process (i.e. no wool, leather, silk, cashmere, fur, etc.). As a brand, we don't believe animals are ours to use or wear.


We produce our clothing in small batches and hold limited inventory in order to limit waste and overproduction. This often means our styles sell out quickly, so if you see something you like, we encourage you to grab it quick.


All of our clothes are guaranteed to be sweatshop-free, at the bare minimum, and most of our pieces far exceed that bar. 

We closely vet our vendors and partners to ensure we know everything possible about their environmental and ethical standards. If we do not feel their practices meet the high bar we are striving for, we will not work with those partners. That simple. 

To accomplish this, we rely on building authentic and open relationships with our partners, and we rely on international standards and certifications.

For example, the majority of our pieces are fair-trade certified, WRAP-certified, and more, guaranteeing the safety and well-being of workers. These certifications we employ guarantee fair pay, unionization rights, fair working hours, healthcare, freedom from harassment and discrimination, and much more, and are certified by regular, third-party oversight.

One of our main partners adheres to other amazing standards, as well, such as:

The SA 800 for Social Accountability Management System. This is the world’s leading social certification program. It provides a holistic framework in any country to demonstrate a company’s dedication to the fair treatment of workers.

• Certifying their factories as Fairtrade Labeling Organizations (FLO) which are dedicated to alleviating poverty afflicting the majority of the world's farmers and workers by setting and certifying the compliance of stringent, socially-conscious production standards.

• Making all of their factories WRAP-certified and compliant. The WRAP certification is a comprehensive facility-based model that has made it the world’s largest independent social compliance certification program for the apparel/textile industry.

• Producing clothing in wind-mill-powered facilities.

• Using raw materials that meet international standards and accreditations for quality and environmental management systems.



Our clothing is printed and embroidered with partners in both New York and Los Angeles, with teams that we know and work very closely with.



As of February 2021, we automatically pay for your order to ship carbon-neutral! In our first month of utilizing this partnership, we offset 2 Tons of CO2 (the equivalent of 446.8 trees saved)!


Our eco-friendly packaging is recyclable, plastic-free, uses post-consumer recycled material, and is free of single-use plastic. Our mailers also have two sealing straps, so if you need to return or exchange an item, you can use the same mailer. 

And we go beyond that, too. Our packaging includes very detailed elements for a personalized touch (curious what we mean? Guess you’ll have to order to find out!), and we ensure that each of these elements is environmentally friendly, too.


When we have scrap fabric or packaging, we often repurpose it for usage somewhere else rather than throwing it away or even recycling it. This helps us to create cool new products and styles, and also divert these materials from landfill.

In addition, we work with several partners to use upcycled, high-quality fabric that would have gone to waste otherwise, and even have a whole collection using rare, upcycled quilts!


We're committed to transparency, and we believe that actions speak louder than words. We’re constantly working to improve our production process to be more sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly.

So, rest assured, not only will you look great in bubuleh, but you'll feel great knowing that you're wearing and supporting ethically-made, eco-friendly pieces that mean something.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.