A closeup photo of cotton being grown against a white background.

What Is Organic Cotton and Why Do We Use It?

bubuleh almost exclusively uses organic cotton for our clothing. But what does that mean and why is it important?

A photo of a silver dreidel on a table with a menorah candle flame in the background.

When is Chanukah? A Full List of Upcoming Jewish Holidays

Somehow it's already August and the holidays are right around the corner. Here's a full list to help you keep track of what's happening when.
A black and white photo of Hasidic rabbis in a living room

What Is Yiddish?

If you didn’t know, bubuleh is a Yiddish word. But what is Yiddish? Where does it come from?

A photo of two women on motorcycles holding a gay pride flag in the Castro in 1988. Photo is black and white.

Pride Flags 101

Wondering what all these flags you’ve been seeing are all about, why there are so many of them, a...
A photo of Katz' delicatessen on the lower east side in New York City

The Most bubuleh Time of the Year

Happy May, everyone! If you didn’t know, May is Jewish American Heritage Month and Mental Health...
Jewish comedian and actor Sarah Silverman wears a green bubuleh hoodie during her Sarah Silverman podcast.

Sarah Silverman in bubuleh!

The queen has entered the building.

A graphic with a collage background of different people smiling and laughing, with a light mint overlay and the words "22 2022 Highlights" overlaid in block letters.

22 Of Our Top Moments From 2022

International trademarks, new collections, exciting collaborations, cross-country moves and popups galore! 2022 was one for the books.

A photo taken by Jordan Star of actress Whoopi Goldberg wearing orange glasses on a red carpet.

From Now On, It's Whoopi Johnson For Me...

Changing one's name to sound Jewish due to a misinformed belief about the correlation between Jews and success, when millions of Jews have had to do the opposite just to survive, is appropriation at best and Antisemitism at worst. 

A graphic showing the words "Share the bubulove" with duotone images of people in the background in pink, green, purple and red for the holidays.

Share the #bubuLove This Holiday Season!

Please check out this video to learn more, and consider shopping bubuleh for your holiday presents this year! 

Generous Donor Now Matching 18% of Sales to Support the ADL

Generous Donor Now Matching 18% of Sales to Support the ADL

Feeling like she needed to do something in response to recent events, bubuleh supporter Donna Star is matching 18% of sales through the end of the year in support of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

Collage of Youtube and TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall wearing a green bubuleh hoodie with the retro-inspired words "spotted" in the background.

TikTok Celebrity Bryce Hall Wears Bubuleh

A few nights ago, my sister called excitedly in the middle of the night. “Omg Jordan. Someone just sent this to me. Bryce Hall is wearing your clothes on his Instagram and TikTok! This is huge!”

What Does It Mean To Be a Friend of Dorothy?

What Does It Mean To Be a Friend of Dorothy?

We just came out with our Friend of Dorothy top for Pride, and for those scratching your heads wondering what that means, this is for you.

Why Now? Why This Pride?

Why Now? Why This Pride?

Just because we’ve experienced something a thousand times before does not mean that we will experience it the same way again. It does not mean that we will feel the same way, again.

A photo of Ruther Bader Ginsburg being sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice in black and white.

Does Social Media Know That It's Jewish Heritage Month?

As a Jewish-inspired brand (not a brand only for Jews), we want to make our community feel seen in positive ways. We want our community to know that our histories and contributions are seen and valued, and we want to show what it looks like to respectfully (and stylishly) demand the space and visibility that we believe in for others. 

A closeup of an older bubbe / grandma making a concerned face with glasses and a pink hat.

Being Anxious Isn’t An Excuse to Be a Schmuck

In letting my anxiety take over for me during a months-long conversation with a nice guy on Grindr (sorry Nana), I ended up hurting someone else. By being so much in my own head, I ended up causing the same anxiety in someone else that I experience myself.

A montage of fashion illustration sketches showing different female models in Spring-inspired designs that are pinned against a wall.

10 Fashion Quotes I Live By

10 quotes to inspire you to create a wardrobe that makes you look and feel your best.

A mirror selfie of a girl in the seafoam bubuleh hoodie smiling in her room.

To save or to splurge? 6 Ways to Know!

We've all been there, and at some point, we've all probably made a shopping decision that we regret. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself before splurging to make sure you feel great about what's in your wallet and your closet.

A Love Letter to Hoodies

A Love Letter to Hoodies

Hoodies are how I embrace my own form of self-expression. When wearing a hoodie, I feel like the most authentic version of myself. Here's Why.

Three shirts next to each other against a white background, in salmon, fern green and navy blue, with each shirt showing cut-outs on the arms and a bubuleh logo on the bottom left.

Introducing the Holey Collection

What would it be like if we associated holiness with uncovering, rather than covering? What's the value of unbinding? What if we create a new space, through clothing, for our individual bodies and our collective traditions to exist together?

Reflections on Courage This Passover

Reflections on Courage This Passover

Just as Shifra and Puah stood up to Pharaoh to protect the Israelites, so did the courageous frontline workers who risk their lives for others’ well-being. I urge you to think about them this Passover.

A photo of three girls sitting outside in jean overalls, schmoozing, while one looks at her phone. There are red and yellow roses behind them.

32 Yiddish Words to Get You Kvelling in No Time

Plotz-worthy fashion? Join the mishpacha? If Yiddish is new to you, you might have been a little confused seeing these words across our site. So, we thought we'd break down 30 must-know Yiddish words, including some of our favorites.

A photo of a lone yellow candle burning amidst blackness all around.

Reflections on This Holocaust Remembrance Day

My hope is that we find even a fraction of this ability to turn darkness into light, and that we continue to honor those who didn’t survive by burning even brighter, for them.